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Exonaut enhances Capability Development at Combined Joint Staff Exercise 15

With over 1000 National and International participants, training was delivered across multiple locations to prepare Staff Officers for peacekeeping and peace enforcement operations.

During the exercise, Exonaut was used to command and control the scenario and to track the performance of the participating headquarters.

“Thanks to Exonaut’s efficient performance tracking capability, we were able to deliver detailed and well-structured training analysis reports to the training audience immediately after the exercise. The ability to deliver rapid feedback is invaluable, as it is presented to the Training Audience whilst their focus remains on the exercise. Furthermore, it helps us to start developing the CJSE concept of operations for next year.” LtCol Carl-Fredrik Kleman, Head of Swedish Armed Forces Joint Training Centre

The Observer Tracker Trainer Mentor Team (OTTM) tracked the performance of the various participating headquarters throughout the exercise. Two Exonaut modules were used to monitor performance, Exonaut Compliance and Performance Manager and Exonaut Observer. 4C Strategies were deployed at each exercise location to deliver exercise and technical support.

“I’ve worked on CJSE and Viking exercises for many years and CJSE 15 is without doubt the best exercise in the series. Exonaut, together with 4C Strategies’ excellent support, enabled us to deliver high quality reports and feedback on a daily basis, as well as for our ENDEX report.” Col Olof Ljung, Head of OTTM Uppsala, Swedish Defence University

4C Strategies has supported the Swedish Armed Forces with capability development solutions since 2013.

As we work with a wide variety of national and international clients, our experience enables us to ensure best practice across military, police, civilian, private and public organisations. We are delighted that our experience can help improve the Swedish Armed Forces’ processes for capability development and enhance the efficiency and quality of operations.” Martin Rusner, Business Development Manager, Military Sector Nordic, 4C Strategies

Read more about how Exonaut can be used at www.4cstrategies.com.
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