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Case studies

Big data
In the era of information overload, where data reigns supreme, Big Data emerges as the unsung hero, wielding the power to transform chaos into clarity. At its core, this technological frontier marries statistics, mathematics, and the wizardry of artificial intelligence, unleashing the potential hidden within vast data landscapes. But what exactly is this realm all about?
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Connected soldiers
The concept of "Connected Soldiers" has emerged as a pivotal technological trend, reshaping the landscape of military operations. This paradigm shift involves integrating cutting-edge technologies into the equipment, gear, and communication systems used by soldiers, enhancing their capabilities on the battlefield.
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Advanced materials
The startling properties of graphene could impose a variety of solutions for technical challanges. One specific area is multifunctional light composites that is of high interest for airplanes and other vehicles.
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Space technology is now a frontier shaping the future of defence. From satellites to advanced communication, the stars are aligning to fortify nations and empower those on the frontline of emergency response.
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Sensors play a pivotal role in gathering critical data to enhance situational awareness and inform strategic decision-making. The electro-optical side, what are ordinary image or video cameras, is getting better. It is driven a lot by mobile phone development where the big dragons compete to make better cameras, which benefits the drone industry.
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In summary, VR and AR offer a wide range of applications in security, first responders, and defence, from training and simulation to real-time situational awareness. The military sector, in particular, can benefit from these technologies in mission planning, training, and warfighting scenarios. As technology continues to advance, these applications are likely to become even more sophisticated and integrated into everyday military operations.
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Autonomous systems
Autonomy includes, in a wide sense, the development of continuously smarter computer systems and their interaction with their environment.
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