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FLIR Systems AB – Surveillance

FLIR Systems AB develops and manufactures products incorporating infrared sensors, as well as software and apps, for an ever-increasing number of sectors and end uses.

FLIR Systems AB is the Swedish subsidiary of Teledyne Technologies Incorporated, located in Täby, with Teledyne headquarters in Thousand Oaks, CA, U.S. Approximately 500 of Teledyne’s 14,500 employees and consultants are based in Täby. At our company we develop and produce products in two of Teledyne’s line of businesses: Solutions and Surveillance. Solutions is headquartered in Täby. In the Täby factory we also have our own worl-class lens production facility where we manufacture and coat our own infrared lenses.

The Surveillance organization in Täby develops and produces highly advanced thermal and multi-sensor systems for airborne surveillance, fixed border and coastal surveillance, as well as situational awareness and sighting systems for armored vehicles and missile systems. We have a long legacy of supply to systems like RBS70 and CV90 in cooperation with domestic and international OEM’s

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FLIR Systems AB
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187 15 Täby
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