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Support Ukraine

SOFF members are actively supporting Ukraine by supplying critical military equipment and enhancing cooperation with Ukrainian defense industries amidst the ongoing conflict.

During times of conflict, particularly with the ongoing Russian military invasion of Ukraine, the European defense industry plays a vital role in guaranteeing the safety of our citizen. The industry is not merely a supplier of military equipment but a defender of the European way of life, actively contributing to the preservation of peace and stability. Embracing these ideals, SOFF members demonstrate a keen willingness to support Ukraine in its battle for freedom, self-rule, and security. See a few examples below;


The Saab-manufactured NLAW anti-tank weapon was part of the initial wave of governmental security assistance to Ukraine, with the U.K. and Sweden being the main contributors. In the initial stages of the invasion, it played a crucial role in halting the advance of Russian mechanized forces toward Kyiv, Kharkiv, and beyond. Tailored for foot soldiers, the NLAW’s portability, ease of maneuver, and unique 20-800 meter effective range makes it a weapon of choice for urban and open battlegrounds alike. The NLAW, along with other anti-tank weapons, has not only been pivotal in the defense of Ukrainian cities but has also become symbolic of the Ukrainian resistance.

BAE Systems Hägglunds

Equipped with cutting-edge technology and formidable firepower, the CV90 boasts exceptional mobility and agility, crucial attributes for navigating Ukraine’s challenging terrains. Since the introduction of BAE Systems Hägglunds’ CV90 to the Ukrainian forces, the vehicle has garnered considerable praise for its performance. The 21st brigade, now equipped with the CV90, ranks as one of the most effective units in the Ukrainian armed forces. The CV90 is recognized as one of the foremost advanced infantry fighting vehicles currently in operation in any military globally.

Business to business, business to government

The past five years has seen an increased cooperation between SOFF, our members and Ukrainian industry. In 2021, SOFF signed an agreement with Ukroboronprom – the state owned defence industry company – to increase cooperation and exchange of information. And later, with the restructuring of the Ukrainian Defense Industry, our cooperation has continued with the Ukrainian Defence Procurement Agency and the defence industry aiming at identifying areas for cooperation. Since the war, we have hosted workshops, seminars, matchmaking events between companies and with government.

Bild: Saab