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Scaleout Systems AB

Scaleout specializes in providing a software framework that enhances applications and platforms with federated learning capabilities. This is delivered through two key products: FEDn SDK, an open-source tool allowing for extensive customization and integration, and FEDn Enterprise, which adds advanced user interface, tooling, security, and integrations for federated learning in production environments, suitable for both on-premise and virtual private cloud deployments.

Founded in 2017 as a spinoff from Uppsala University, Sweden, Scaleout combines academic research and industry expertise to lead in federated learning and privacy technologies. Committed to developing AI solutions that protect data privacy, the company enables secure business AI deployments. The team features experts from academia and top firms like Google and SAAB, highlighting their innovation and deep knowledge.

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Scaleout Systems AB
Kungsgatan 12
Postcode & town:
753 32 Uppsala