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Member of SOFF

Bertel O. Steen Defence & Security AB

Bertel O. Steen represents, develops, and integrates a wide range of high-quality products from leading manufacturers, to provide the best selection of tactical solutions needed in the Nordic region – whether it’s for rescue workers, military personnel, or law enforcement.

Since March 2018, Bertel O. Steen has been a proud part of the civil-military co-operations within the total defence in Norway, in a partnership with the Norwegian Defence Logistic Organization (NDLO). Through this collaboration, we are providing strategic functions, as well as a selected pool of mechanics on emergency preparedness. This is a humbling responsibility, but also a great opportunity to help ensure that the Nordics remain a safe and peaceful region.

Our team consists of dedicated people with a broad military background from all branches, military acquisition agency and the defence industry.
We are dedicated and are here to support.

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Contact information
Bertel O. Steen Defence & Security AB
Rörvägen 11
Postcode & town:
136 50 Jordbro