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Recab AB

Recab AB stands at the forefront of industrial innovation, offering cutting-edge solutions across Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland. Recab is a leader in Embedded Computer Systems and Industrial Data Communication, sectors known for their rigorous quality and performance standards.

Our approach transcends the provision of technology; it’s about understanding high-quality technological demands while balancing cost, time, and product lifecycle considerations. Our dedicated team of engineers embraces each challenge with a commitment to excellence, developing bespoke solutions that align precisely with our customers’ unique requirements.

Serving a wide array of industries, including Automation & Manufacturing, Defense & Avionics, Energy & Transportation, Maritime & Offshore and Mining. Recab is equipped to address the specific needs of these markets.

At Recab, connecting and assisting our clients is more than a service; it’s our passion. Reach out to discover how our innovative solutions can drive your success.

Contact information
Recab AB
Vretenborgsvägen 28
Postcode & town:
126 30 Hägersten