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Innovative designs in mission critical equipment

Recab and nVent SCHROFF’s customers face similar challenges. Across the board we have found that customers are being asked to meet shorter design cycles with fewer resources while still ensuring the inclusion of certified products that can withstand the harshest environments,
– Innovative designs in misson critical equipment.

Recab + nVent SCHROFF offers the most innovative designs in mission critical equipment
On top of those challenges, the customers are expected to meet mechanical and thermal requirements with products that are backed by SWaP design expertise. Not to mention a need for simplified supply chains and manufacturers that have a broad COTS offering and services under one roof to meet any application demand.

After seeing and hearing the challenges faced by both manufacturers’ customers, Recab and nVent SCHROFF have teamed up to offer the best of both their worlds in a single package. Recab + nVent SCHROFF offers the most innovative designs in mission critical equipment – backed by industry-leading technology that has been developed by two world-class organizations. Together, we form an unmatched group of rugged defense computing experts with a wide range of COTS products enabling SWaP optimized solutions. Two such application examples are below:

Application: Recab Robust recorder
This application began as a regular 3U CompactPCI project. Once in place, the customer wanted MIL contacts on the front and a more durable chassis. Recab together with nVent SCHROFF then developed a solution with standard cPCI content in a durable box with Mil 38999 connectors. With removable SSDs and a few extra slots, this became a solution that can be equipped for different projects. Contact us for more info about the Recab Robust recorder Innovative designs in misson critical equipment

  • CAN bus
  • 1553 bus
  • Arinc 429.

Application: Customized Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI)solutions
Recab together with nVent SCHROFF provides bespoke HCI solutions for customers looking to drive IT efficiencies throughout their business.

One of our areas of specialty is in delivering support for customers operating in environments requiring rugged hardware, such as the defense and aerospace industries. These are areas where computing technology not only has to be hyper-connected but meet tough certification standards and be resistant to among other extreme shock, vibration and wide temperature ranges.

Recab & nVent-Schroff latest innovation – Advanced Modular Computers product family;

  • Virtualized & VMware Certified Rugged Cloud Server for Embedded Defence Applications, deployed in Naval vessels.
  • Rugged by design, 3U OpenVPX COTS technology. Based upon standard 19” rackmount dimensions – shallow depth (below 300 mm)
  • Air-Cooled system, conformal coated electronics
  • Smart & silent 2U fan-tray with IPMI over Ethernet control & monitoring
  • Heterogenous system supporting;
    – Up to 5 x 16 Core Intel Xeon D
    – Up to 5 x Coprocessors @ PCIe x16
  • GPU: Nvidia Tesla P6 or Quadro RTX5000
  • FPGA: Xilinx Kintex-7
  • Up to 40G Ethernet Blade-to-Blade Interconnection
  • Multipurpose scalable platform – computing, switching, storage and graphical processing.
  • Redundant power (AC and DC version availlable)
  • Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) optimized design;
    – Add COTS HW resources when needed

This kind of application has a high level of complexity and, in the past, would have necessitated many different functions, each requiring an individual hardware unit. But IT infrastructure in these industries has come a long way. Now, Recab can provide customers with rugged and resistant hardware from the best suppliers around the world, like nVent SCHROFF with the simplicity and scalability of best-in-class HCI technology. Contact us for more info about the Customized Hyperconverged Infrastructure – Innovative designs in misson critical equipment

Extra info from usRead about our mSys-3500
A turnkey scalable CPU+FPGA hardware/software solution, for high speed, synchronized analog/digital data acquisition, typically used within “Big Science” physics community for high energy science projects as we also create together.

About Recab:
Since 1996, Recab has come to be known to provide products and services for Sensor, ID & Vision, Industrial Data Communication, and Embedded Computer Systems for demanding applications. Excelling in the defense and avionics industry, their design excellence within the backplane, PCB design, and overall system design has come to be an industry standard. Recab’s long history and deep knowledge of military and aerospace industry combined with their robust testing and certifications along with their reputation as embedded computing platform specialists have set them up for a great, new partnership with nVent SCHROFF.

About nVent Schroff:
A relatively new company in name – nVent split off from Pentair two years ago – but not experience, nVent SCHROFF has been considered industry experts in electronics protection and mechanics for over 50 years. nVent Schroff prides themselves for their innovative designs to better meet size, weight, and power (SWaP) requirements. Whether their clients are in need of rugged, shock and vibration protection or help with increasing demands in thermal dissipation Schroff’s products supply superior thermal performance backed by thermal analysis expertise and design support.
Link to nVent Schroff
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