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HSBO  – High Speed Boat Operations

HSBO’s mission is to collect and disseminate knowledge about scientific and technical developments in the field of high-speed boats and their use in the military, coastguard, police and sea rescue

Planing boats are subject to severe hull impacts that can exceed 20 g.
Increasing demands for operational capability and higher performance increase the challenges for the boats and onboard equipment and even more so for the people working on board.

The problems caused by impact exposure are recognised internationally, and both research and technological development progress rapidly. Sweden is leading the research on how exposure to the inevitable slamming-induced impacts affects humans in this extremely harsh work environment.

HSBO initiates and conducts international research projects.

HSBO organises biennially the High-Speed Boat Operations Forum with experts from some 30 countries.

The HSBO Forum gathers 3 -400 participants with cutting-edge knowledge of all aspects that affect boats’ performance, endurance, and efficiency in their respective areas of use. This includes the international scientific community active in this field.

Between 30 and 40 boats from some 20 countries usually participate, offering sea trials.

HSBO Forum brings together the research community and those designing and developing new platforms, those using high-speed boats and those developing new technologies, those defining requirements and specifications, and those procuring new technologies, platforms and equipment.
Admittance is by invitation only.

As the challenges and pace of development now increase, broad user feedback is even more essential.

There are few people in each country working in this field.

Therefore, it is necessary to gather new knowledge from all friendly nations. 

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