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Logotyp: BAE Systems Bofors

BAE Systems Bofors AB

BAE Systems Bofors is a part of the Weapon Systems business unit within the international defence group BAE Systems Land & Armaments sector. The business unit Weapon Systems designs, manufactures, develops, markets and maintains weapon systems within the fields of intelligent ammunition, artillery systems, combat vehicle turrets, remote weapon systems, naval guns and air defence systems.

The Weapon Systems business unit has its operations in Karlskoga (Sweden), Barrow (UK) and Hattiesburg & Minneapolis (USA).The main products of BAE Systems Weapon Systems Sweden are the Bofors multi-target Naval Gun Systems of 40mm and 57mm caliber with their programmable 3P Ammunition, the 155mm Wheeled Howitzer Archer, Bofors LEMUR family of Remote Weapon Systems, and intelligent artillery ammunition.

Contact information
BAE Systems Bofors AB
Postcode & town:
691 80 Karlskoga
+46 586 733000