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Fibersystem AB

On a daily basis, critical societal functions are exposed to eavesdropping, intrusion and espionage. That’s why we’re here!

For 40 years, we have developed products and secured systems for defence, companies and organizations where maximum security is a minimum.

We are specialists in secure transmission of information and in modifying computers, screens, conference equipment and other hardware to block out all forms of revealing signals.

The result is cyber security at the highest level.

We are mainly working with products within Cyber security sectors, both IT-security and OT-security.

Fibersystem is an innovative organization, our business is established in many different markets. Our structure provides the resources of a very large organization, while preserving the innovative and entrepreneurial environment.

Headquarters is in Stockholm, Sweden. Our products are sold by a sales force recognized throughout the industry for its expertise and customer service.

Fibersystem stay close to our customer and respond quickly to evolving needs. We advance our mission of providing leading-edge technology for fiber optical solutions. Our reputation in fiber optical development excellence is well known across diverse vertical markets.

Our products are installed in military, medical‚ security‚ and industrial applications worldwide‚ such as hospitals‚ universities‚ government labs‚ and military bases‚ for large and small organizations alike.

Some of our customers: Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics, ABB, Alstom, Bombardier, General Electric, Ericsson, Mitsubishi Electric, Schneider Electric, Rolls Royce, Kongsberg, Toshiba, Nokia Siemens, HBM, SAAB, Swedish Police, Swedish Armed Forces, Stora Enso, FOI, Svenska Kraftnät & Försvarsmakten.

All products are designed and developed at Fibersystem. This enables us to adjust or adapt products to fit your special needs. If you miss a product, interface, protocol or function – ask us!

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Fibersystem AB
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168 67 Bromma