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Flyg- och rymdindustrin gästar Bryssel

Tillsammans med samarbetsaktörer arrangerar SOFF ett seminarium i Bryssel den om innovation inom flyg- och rymdområdet. Seminariet syftar till att öka kunskapen om den konkurrenskraftiga svenska flyg- och rymdindustrin.

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Securing European Leadership through Innovation & Cooperation
Aerospace and Defence is one of Europe’s sectors of excellence, built on strong industrial performance, innovative technologies and skilled teams and enjoying global recognition. The European Union has a vision for research and innovation that translate into sound policies to develop innovative products built on innovative technologies. The Swedish aeronautics, space and defence industries plays an important role in this ecosystem being one of the most innovative industry sectors in Europe.

The four main associations representing Swedish aeronautics, space and defence industries are glad to invite you to a Aeronautics and Space seminar about jobs, growth and investment in Sweden as well as a driving force for innovation in Europe and globally. The industry sector in Sweden represents a broad spectrum of companies and other stakeholders, spanning from larger system integrators, midcaps to SMEs, as well as leading research institutes.

The seminar will highlight the industry’s contribution to innovation in the European sector, largely made possible through EU programmes such as Horizon 2020, SESAR and Clean Sky. A strong and innovative European aeronautics and space sector will contribute to significant societal returns such as environmentally sustainable technologies and reduced emissions, cost efficiencies and will contribute to the creation of high-skilled jobs in Europe.

Indicative Programme
• Welcome by Swedish Industry Associations
• Key note speakers from Sweden and the EU
• Cocktail and lighter buffet
• Exhibition of Swedish aeronautics, space and defence industries


Göran Berlemo, CEO, Aerospace Cluster Sweden
Anders Blom, Programme Director, Innovair
Anna Rathsman, Director, Swedish Aerospace Industries
Robert Limmergård, Secretary General, Swedish Security & Defence Industry Association SOFF

3 maj 2018


Nordic House, Rue du Luxembourg 3, Brussels


Kl. 18.00–20.30


SOFF tillsammans med SAI, Innovair och ACS



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