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Launch of Systecon Deutschland – Strengthening sales and support services

Launch of Systecon Deutschland – Strengthening sales and support services to clients in Germany, Austria & Switzerland

Systecon strengthens its presence in the D-A-CH region (Germany, Austria & Switzerland) through the establishment of Systecon Deutschland, with its seat in Koblenz. Systecon Deutschland will provide Opus Suite sales, support and consultancy services to customers within D-A-CH. Primarily in the defense sector, but other sectors too as needed1). This important strategic step increases the ability to provide clients in the region with a complete range of Systecon’s services, including Opus Suite related modelling and analyses, help desk support and training courses as well as consultancy services related to LCM, LCC, ILS and LSA.

Systecon Deutschland is established in collaboration with AltenBachConsult, which has been Systecon’s D-A-CH representative for Opus Suite in the defense sector since 2015.

Oskar Tengö, Director Business Development at Systecon AB:
“Germany and D-A-CH has been important for Systecon for decades, with many long standing clients and engagements in different projects and partnerships. In recent years, focus on life cycle management has greatly increased, and many organizations are undertaking efforts to enhance capabilities in this field. Policies, strategies, teams and tools are put in place to work proactively and continuously with LCM. Opus Suite is an enabler in these endeavors, providing the analytical capability and decision support needed to reach and sustain cost effective solutions. With Systecon Deutschland, we improve our ability to assist clients with expertise and support in these efforts.”

Tomas Eriksson, CEO at Systecon AB:
“With a growing number of Opus Suite users in this region, the need to provide local, native German-speaking expertise has increased. For some years, D-A-CH users were supported directly from Systecon’s main office in Stockholm. But in 2014, we crossed paths with the German firm, AltenBachConsult led by Heiko Grossmann, with great competence and know-how when it comes to implementing and facilitating LCM. We have had excellent collaboration with AltenBachConsult as an Opus Suite representative since then, and are now proud and excited to strengthen that partnership and proceed together as Systecon Deutschland.”

Heiko Grossmann, managing partner of Systecon Deutschland, and Steffen Gastreich, CEO of Systecon Deutschland both agree:
“We are looking forward to continue helping our customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland as Systecon Deutschland. Most organizations have a large untapped potential that can be realized through targeted efforts within Systems Life Cycle Management and Life Cycle Costing. It is both inspiring and satisfying to be a part of the solution in such efforts.”

1) With the exception of the Rail sector within DACH, where Systecon is represented by Dr. Graband & Partner GmbH


For further information, please contact:

Heiko Grossmann grossmann@systecon.de
Steffen Gastreich gastreich@systecon.de
Oskar Tengö oskar.tengo@systecon.se
Tomas Eriksson tomas.eriksson@systecon.se


Systecon AB
Box 191 71
Postnummer & Ort:
104 32 Stockholm
Rehnsgatan 20
+46 8 459 07 50

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