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Cervino AS and Systecon to co-operate on non-defense sectors in Norway

Systecon has for many years been present and active in the Norwegian defense sector, and we are now entering a partnership with Cervino Consulting AS, to take the next step and expand our efforts in the non-defense sector in Norway.

Our focus and offer to the market will remain the same as on Systecon’s other markets. With the Opus Suite, our analytical decision support software, we want to help our customers make calculated decisions, both from an economic life-cycle perspective, and from a more technological systems perspective.

”We are confident that together with Cervino AS, we will contribute to increased profitability for companies in several sectors in Norway. In Sweden we have proved that our methods are successful e.g. in the railway sector, and we look forward to the opportunity to do the same in Norway. ”

Pegvak Assadi, Vice President of Systecon

”We are very pleased to extend our partnership with Systecon with the opportunity to sell their products and represent them in Norway. The economic situation in Norway makes the conditions perfect to discuss cost efficiency and Life Cycle Management with companies in many industries. We believe that Systecon’s products will be a valuable addition to our own capabilities in the LCM and maintenance domains.”

Fredrik Ekstrand, CEO of Cervino

The petroleum industry is obviously an important sector for Cervino and Systecon to focus on in Norway. The recent plummet in the oil price has had a negative impact on the entire oil industry, and the focus on cost efficiency is stressed more and more by representatives of the industry. Cervino and Systecon have an important role to play here. With the help of Opus Suite and our proven Life Cycle Management methodology, we can help companies in the industry to achieve more efficient maintenance systems, lower lifecycle costs and improve the overall profitability of production.

The existing, and future, support services in the defense sector will continue to be managed by Systecon.

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