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Recommendation on licensing requirements

The recommendation aims to enhance opportunities for regulatory compliance, as well as provide suggestions on how companies can manage identification and contract drafting when it comes to agreements requiring permission to be entered into.

Entering into certain types of agreements relating to military controlled products require prior approval from the Swedish Inspectorate of Strategic Products (ISP) in accordance with §§7-9 in the Swedish Military Equipment Act (lag (1992:1300) om krigsmateriel).

The focus of the recommendation

This recommendation is focused on approval of certain types of agreements. All other types of authorizations are still required for other controlled activities. For instance, export of controlled technical data or hardware still require an export license in addition to prior approval of agreements.

This recommendation is meant to support Swedish companies to determine if an agreement requires prior approval and to provide suggested texts that can be used in the agreements. The second purpose is to provide an explanation to foreign parties why Swedish companies require certain texts or authorisations from the Swedish authorities.