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Joel Thungren/Försvarsmakten
Photo: Joel Thungren/Försvarsmakten


Freedom and democracy should not be taken for granted. In an increasingly unstable global environment, one of the state's primary responsibilities is to ensure the safety of its citizens and guarantee the ability to defend its territory. To achieve this, defence companies are essential. Therefore, SOFF works to enhance the companies' ability to meet the defence needs, increase their knowledge of the market, research and technological development, as well as relevant regulations.

Defence companies are an integral part of the crucial ecosystem that underpins our collective capability to defend Sweden. A defence force can only fulfil its role if it is equipped with the resources and technologies enabling a swift and efficient response to threats. The progression of technology thus influences the development of defence capabilities. Competent defence also necessitates a high level of operational capacity and robust provisioning.

Today, many companies possess the essential technical knowledge and understanding that benefits the defence sector. These firms can cater to, and sometimes tailor, requirements to develop and provide solutions to armed forces. Consequently, there are significant connections between policy, capability, and business.

Our technical expertise is simultaneously a strategic advantage, an expertise guaranteed by defence companies in Sweden. Export is crucial for the refinement of this knowledge. Through this, we become an appealing collaborator for other countries, enabling us to forge security with those who share our values of a free and open democratic society.


When Sweden chooses to support its defence with assistance from companies, be it Swedish or international, the decision involves various considerations. Factors like availability, developmental risk, potential strategic suppliers, and long-term access to capabilities, among others, must be taken into account and balanced. The market is also governed by specific requirements concerning export control, security measures, and supply assurance. To ensure business solutions align with defence needs, there’s a requirement for market dialogue. Therefore, SOFF establishes forums, including member groups, to gather the industry’s essential knowledge in several central market areas.

Trade reinforces and preserves Sweden’s defence capability while also fostering relationships. However, it’s inherently risky, and accessing foreign markets can be intricate. Thus, we strive to enhance companies’ insights into markets and also about procurement, research, technology development, and relevant regulations. We also act as the national industry contact for entities like NATO and have partnerships in fourteen pivotal defence markets.


Strong companies contribute to a robust defence. Their understanding of defence systems and the underlying technology is vital for building a proficient defence capability. This can only be ensured by internationally competitive companies with comprehensive technical and manufacturing expertise. The significance is in competent, sustainable supply assurance where businesses, through technology, knowledge, and materials, support this provision at every stage.

Within SOFF, companies with innovative solutions for the defence forces are gathered. Companies that can cater to, develop, and provide what soldiers and sailors require. We bring together the ecosystem – from engineers and companies adept at understanding future threats and combat environments, to those supplying components, services, or subsystems, innovators, entrepreneurs, or firms with civilian products. An ecosystem tailored to fulfil defence needs.

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