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logotyp: Sectra

Sectra Communications AB

Sectra is an expert and a leading provider in the field of cybersecurity, specialized in developing high assurance communication systems. We help organizations that handle classified information, such as defense organizations, NATO, and the EU, to secure their communication against eavesdropping and protect their systems against intrusion. By protecting highly sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands, we contribute to a safer society.

Our offering includes systems for secure voice and data communications certified by the EU and NATO and at several national levels. We also provide security analysis and monitoring of critical systems to protect critical infrastructure such as electricity and water supply. Sectra’s operations are conducted from its offices in Sweden, the Netherlands and Finland. The company, founded in 1978, is headquartered in Linköping, Sweden.

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Sectra Communications AB
Teknikringen 20
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583 30 Linköping