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Marine Jet Power AB

With a rich heritage of innovation, Marine Jet Power (MJP) leads the maritime industry with state-of-the-art waterjet propulsion systems for naval and coast guard vessels and PodJet propulsion designed for amphibious vehicles.

For naval applications, MJP waterjets provide unmatched maneuverability and efficiency, empowering military fleets worldwide with superior performance and tactical advantage to ensure mission success in the most challenging environments.

MJP PodJet’s revolutionize amphibious mobility, seamlessly transitioning between water and land to enhance versatility and operational effectiveness for amphibious forces.

Marine Jet Power is trusted by defense agencies globally for a strong commitment to excellence and relentless pursuit of technological advancement. Experience the future of maritime propulsion with Marine Jet Power and elevate your defense capabilities to new heights.


Contact information
Marine Jet Power AB
Hansellisgatan 6
Postcode & town:
754 50 Uppsala
Nils-Peter Aulisio
+46 (0)705 184 484