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Cyber Defence

Cyber threats against Sweden are on the rise, becoming increasingly sophisticated, with annual costs reaching into the billions. Cyber defence capability, therefore, forms a crucial component of Sweden's overall defence strategy. SOFF brings together companies with the aim of enhancing dialogue between the public and private sectors and sharing the business community's expertise with authorities and decision-makers on matters related to cyber defence.

To safeguard Sweden and its interests, a purposeful and efficient cyber defence is essential. This defence must be threefold, shielding the Armed Forces’ systems, societal functions, and private businesses and individuals. The business sector is often targeted by cyberattacks executed or backed by foreign powers with the intent to pilfer business secrets and innovations. At times, businesses and organisations are leveraged as pawns in a larger game. Hence, cyberattacks on businesses can have profound implications for societal security and the well-being of Swedish society as a whole.

Cyber defence is not exclusively a military endeavour. Sweden’s cyber defence is our collective capability to thwart cyberattacks and ensure vital societal functions remain unassailable against adversarial attacks. To achieve a purposeful and effective cyber defence, robust cybersecurity capabilities are crucial. Cybersecurity revolves around the accuracy, confidentiality, and accessibility of information in cyberspace.


Industry efforts in cyber defence are primarily orchestrated by our member group, the Cyber Defence Group. This group convenes over 80 businesses, striving to foster dialogue between the private and public sectors, ensure national competence supply in cybersecurity, and monitor ongoing research and development. A significant part of the mandate is to share threat intelligence amongst businesses and public entities, as well as to clarify and articulate challenges and repercussions of policy and regulations. The association also maintains an ongoing dialogue with relevant authorities, offering guidelines and advice in the cyber realm.

Regularly, the group organises seminars, theme evenings with guest speakers, inspiration lectures, and debates on current topics. For instance, we host the Cyber Defence Day, a conference uniting public and private stakeholders to deliberate on the challenges and prospects of Sweden’s digital defence.


Success in combating cyber threats largely hinges on knowledge and innovation. SOFF represents IT security firms with top-tier products and solutions designed to protect the most digitally valuable assets.

Our member companies boast expertise across various domains, especially service products. A common thread amongst their offerings is their design to tackle sophisticated entities with vast resources, often state-backed, or to safeguard the most critical digital capabilities of society. This is not restricted to defence networks, but extends to our critical infrastructure, transportation networks, energy systems, banking systems – our economy, our values, and our democracy in its entirety.

The value of cyber defence lies in a secure society. Given the multifaceted nature of our challenges, collaboration is paramount in safeguarding our treasured assets and assisting one another in managing known – and unknown – risks.

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Ronja Ahlberg, områdesansvarig för cyberförsvar på SOFF
Ronja Ahlberg Director Cyber Defence 08 782 08 79 +46 72 540 11 61

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