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Swedish Space Corporation, SSC

SSC – Swedish Space Corporation – helps Earth benefit from Space. Since the 70’s, SSC has helped space organizations, companies, and other commercial actors and research institutes to get access to Space.

By enabling satellite connectivity and research in microgravity, SSC is a societal-building company that enables a sustainable development of our modern society and connected everyday life. Without space, everyday life stops.

SSC also plays a significant strategic role in making Europe and NATO safer – the defense industry utilizes our capabilities to secure crucial societal space infrastructure, within areas such as Space Domain Awareness and Rapid Response.

Among our strongest assets are Esrange Space Center in northern Sweden, set to become first to launch satellites from continental Europe, as well as one of the world’s largest commercial ground station networks for satellite communications.

SSC is represented in ten countries and has around 700 employees.

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Swedish Space Corporation, SSC
Box 4207
Postcode & town:
171 04 Solna
+46 (0)8-627 62 00