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VBN Components AB

VBN Components develops metal alloys with extreme wear and heat resistance, produced by 3D printing/additive manufacturing. Our strive has always been to improve material properties for industrial applications, resulting in alloys such as Vibenite® 290 – the world’s hardest steel, and Vibenite® 480 – the world’s first 3D printed cemented carbide.

The alloys have a hardness up to 75.5 HRC and are suitable for defence applications ranging from ballistic protection to wear resistant spare parts produced on-demand, thanks to unique opportunities such as extremely short lead-time, flexibility in design and rapid product development.

As a customer, you have three options to access our innovative materials: to purchase components produced by VBN (according to your design), to obtain a licence to produce Vibenite® in-house, or to collaborate with VBN to develop a new alloy that perfectly suits your needs.

Through additive manufacturing, VBN Components offers great flexibility in the number of parts you can order; it can be a single part as well as serial production. In addition, our technology allows significant design freedom when it comes to adding features such as channels or reducing the weight of a component.

Contact us to learn more about our products and services, and what VBN Components can bring to your operations!

VBN Components Company Presentation Material Datasheet all materials – February – September 2023
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