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Gunnebo Safe Storage AB

”Protect your valuables and confidential data.
Get peace of mind at home, in transit and at work”

Gunnebo Safe Storage, part of the well-renowned Gunnebo group, is a globally recognised provider of safe storage solutions. Our mission is to protect valuable items from burglary, fire and explosion and provide our customers with peace of mind at home, in transit and at work. Most notable are our innovative automated safe deposit locker solution SafeStore Auto, our Centurion modular strong rooms and vault doors. SecureIT, our top of the line high secure server cabinets protect sensitive IT equipment and vital information from theft, sabotage and emitted signal surveillance as well as EMP.

Our solutions Why SecureIT?
Stong rooms/modular vaultsConsequences of an EMP-attack
Vault doorsHow to protect form an EMP-attack
SecureIT/High-secure server cabinets
Contact information
Gunnebo Safe Storage AB
Box 5181
Postcode & town:
402 26 Göteborg
Contact us:
+46 (0)10 209 50 00
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