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Gripen E Fighter Will Transform Indian Air Force and National Defence Industry Capabilities, #Saabgroup

Saab’s Gripen E is the world’s most advanced, multi-role fighter aircraft. It brings a complete, future-proof technology suite combined with a ‘Make in India’ proposal that will establish the world’s most modern fighter aircraft manufacturing capability in India.  Saab is ready to deliver a complete aeronautics eco-system together with our Indian partners and global suppliers.

“Gripen E is the most advanced fighter aircraft with a clear and well-thought-through ‘Make in India’ package. It will be the leading contender for any fighter programme being planned by the Indian Government,” says Jan Widerstrom, Chairman Saab India.

“Using the state-of-the-art technology, Gripen E meets and defeats all existing and future threats, while simultaneously meeting strict requirements for flight safety, reliability, training efficiency and low operating costs. The future battlespace will be very demanding. Fighter aircraft will need to analyse and handle high volumes of data, supporting the pilot’s ability to select, launch and guide weapons in perfect coordination with other team members – well before the adversary. This is where Gripen E dominates,” says Mats Palmberg, Vice President (Industrial Partnerships) Saab AB and Head of Gripen India Campaign.

“Another key differentiator for Gripen E is its high availability and adaptability. The aircraft has the lowest life cycle costs and a small logistic footprint. The ease of weapons integration from any source ensures a significant pricing and technology advantage for IAF when acquiring weapons,” adds Palmberg.

“Gripen E aircraft is true multi role and can execute all the roles by itself or in larger and comnined formations (strike, AD escort, SEAD and recce/battle damage assessment). Gripen E will always be one step ahead of its adversaries thanks to its easy upgradability at operational level. With its high degree of availability and low maintenance requirements, it would be the ideal workhorse for the IAF across the tactical battlefield,” says Head – Gripen and Airpower Systems, Saab India, Group Captain (retd) Sudhir Varma.

Gripen E will fundamentally transform India’s defence technology prowess to realise its ambition of being an independent global player.The Gripen E fighter programme will make India independent of the need to purchase combat aircraft from other countries.

Saab is committed to transfer of technology to India for its fighter aircraft programme. Saab has a comprehensive ‘Make in India’ programme which will include establishing a manufacturing facility; transfer of state-of-the-art technology, building an aerospace eco-system in India, creation of a local supplier base, employment and skills development for a well-trained Indian workforce.

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