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Carmenta technology helping to improve flight safety

Bundeswehr University Munich, one of Germany’s two national research universities and founded by the German Armed Forces, is using Carmenta technology to shape the future of aviation.

Rapid technological advances within the areas of automation technology, robotics and artificial intelligence are presenting a whole new set of technical possibilities for man-machine cooperation. Not least within transportation and safety. By focusing on the respective strengths of the human being and of automation, the concepts that Bundeswehr University Munich is developing could ultimately contribute to superior human performance. The responsibility, control and decision-making power will, however, always remain with man.

The Institute of Flight Systems (IFS) at the university is using cognitive psychological models to analyse man’s strengths and limitations, and explore potential automation options. Theoretical approaches must, however, be tested, approved and proven to be useful and practical, for example, using research simulators or self-developed aircraft. The Institute is therefore constantly looking for potential test pilots, for example via military and civilian aircraft pilot recruitment campaigns.

The concepts being developed by the Institute, including cognitive assistance systems, will eventually be used to streamline workloads and improve situational awareness for flight crews. This work will subsequently contribute to improving flight safety and increasing the decision-making quality in aeronautical man-machine systems.

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