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Logotyp: SPUHR

Spuhr i Dalby AB

Spuhr i Dalby AB designs and manufactures superior mounting solutions and weapon upgrade kits in close cooperation with end users and industry partners. The leading name in scope mounts, the Spuhr® Ideal Scope Mount System™ (ISMS™) revolutionized the design and functionality of the soldier weapons platform, increasing operational capabilities and improving ergonomics whilst minimizing carried weight. 

With the introduction of the ISMS™, Spuhr® also introduced the Spuhr® Interface, which offers unrivaled repeatability and which can be implemented for applications where other common weapons interface systems cannot be used. 

Spuhr i Dalby AB was founded in 2007 and continues to be the leader in the field with products being used by law enforcement, military, and civilians around the world.

Spuhr i Dalby AB
Terminalvägen 19
Postnummer och Ort:
246 42 Löddeköpinge
+46 (0)46 712 012