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Logotyp: Recotech

Recotech AB

Recotech produces, processes and repair components for rough environments. Our company has grown out of the aero engine industry in which durability, function and interaction are the cornerstones. Our staff is specialists in manufacturing and repair techniques, maintenance methods and diagnostics. Our main processes range from thermal spraying, vacuum brazing to qualified welding, machine-finishing and assembling of systems.

The business area Ground Support Equipment, GSE specializes in the field of product prototyping and serial manufacturing of civilian and military applications. Our cost effective, high quality product solutions also include modification, adaption and documentation from prototype to finished product.

The Wing Lift™ is a patented, cost-effective Container Carrier handling concept for lifting and moving containers short distances. It offers extreme maneuverability in any directions when moving heavy containers without the aid of cranes or trucks. Examples of customer references are the NATO countries and many other armed forces, Red Cross, Red Crescent, Rescue Services, United Nations, Saab, Ericsson, Northrop Grumman and international rail, road, sea and air cargo operators.

Recotech AB
Box 154
Postnummer och Ort:
732 23 Arboga
Bo Martin Tell
+46 589 370 500
+46 589 370 590
Recotech medverkar i SOFF:s tidning ”Svensk förmåga i en osäker omvärld”, April 2018:
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