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Carmenta Geospatial Technologies is thrilled to announce partnership with MBDA

Logotyp: Carmenta
Logotyp: Carmenta

Carmenta Geospatial Technologies is thrilled to announce partnership with MBDA to develop innovative solutions for EDIDP project LynkEUs.


Press Release Gothenburg 2020-10-05

The EDIDP (European Defence Industrial Development Programme) project LynkEUs is the
first technological and industrial contribution to the objectives of the Permanent Structured
Cooperation (PESCO) Beyond Line Of Sight (BLOS) capability project.

Coordinated by the European missile house MBDA, LynkEUs seeks to define an initial
operational concept for a European BLOS capability. The LynkEUs project will also provide an
opportunity to identify and test emerging solutions of potential value for future upgrades to
the capability, and will be validated by a test campaign.

The concepts and tests completed for the PESCO BLOS project will contribute to the
development of a family of man-on-the loop BLOS missile systems for mounted and
dismounted forces, based on the MMP medium range missile, and will be supported by
airborne and ground-based systems.

Carmenta Geospatial Technologies will bring its experience in advanced geospatial analyses
and visualisations to develop innovative functionalities related to both the airborne and
ground systems. These will be based on the Carmenta Engine product.

Torbjörn Lönnqvist, CEO of Carmenta Geospatial Technologies, says: “We are very thankful
towards MBDA, the LynkEUs consortium members and the EU for the interest and trust they
have placed in Carmenta’s team and its situational awareness technologies. The LynkEUs
project is spot on Carmenta’s strategic areas focusing on land and UAS applications, including
distinctive functionalities with respect to our upcoming product release and Carmenta’s
research activities. We look forward to contributing to the technical and strategic autonomy of
the European nations in collaboration with the LynkEUs consortium members.”

MBDA and its 10 other partners – from Belgium: The Royal Military Academy, FN Herstal,
Thales Belgium and Xenics; from Cyprus: Aditess, the Cyprus Institute and SignalGenerix;
from France: MDBA, Novadem and Safran; as well as the 3 subcontractors: MILREM (Estonia),
DELAIR (France) and Carmenta Geospatial Technologies (Sweden) – will launch the project
before the year end 2020.

More information:

Marie Laboureix, Country Manager France, Carmenta Geospatial Technologies
Phone: +46 702 19 63 45

About Carmenta

Carmenta serves the global market with innovative software products, services and solutions
for mission-critical systems. A trusted partner for the defence, security, public safety and
automotive industries for more than 35 years, we continue to lead the way in highperformance
geospatial technologies that deliver superior situational awareness.
For more information please visit

Carmenta Geospatial Technologies AB
Box 11354
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404 28 Göteborg
+46 31 775 57 00
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