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SitaWare supports Swedish Home Guard

The Swedish Home Guard receives first delivery of the SitaWare based Information System, which will enhance situational awareness and provide improved decision support.

Swedish Defence Material Administration (FMV) has now handed over the first Information System to the Swedish Home Guard. The Information System will support the Home Guard battalions in their work and is designed to support writing of orders, follow up activities, and to plot the situational awareness.

The Information System for the Swedish Home Guard (IS HV) is a Command and Control application. It makes up Systematic’s SitaWare HQ, which Sweden has been using for the Armed Forces since 2008. However, this is the first time that the Home Guard will have a common C2 capability, and it provides them with an affordable system with a lot of capability for the money.

The Information System was used for the first time during the exercise Geltic Bear in the winter 2017 with a very positive response from the Battalion Staffs. The roll out of systems for the 40 Home Guard battalions will start during the autumn 2017 and will be finished during 2018.

One very important requirement for the Information System was a short time of training before the system will be taken into use. The instant feedback from the Exercise Geltic Bear was that IS HV with SitaWare is very intuitive and easy to use.

IS HV is a successful example of reusing designs and components already in use in the Swedish Armed Forces. SitaWare is one of those important components. The result is a short time for the project, just 18 months from start to roll out, and a substantial save of money for the customer.

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