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Logotyp: Systematic

Systematic Sweden AB

Systematic is a world leading company providing C4I For All Levels Of Command
The SitaWare and IRIS suite of C4I software provides all essential Command & Control and Battle Management capabilities right out of the box, including the all-important interoperability capabilities that allow nations to exchange battlespace information with coalition partners.

SitaWare has a wide range of capabilities that supports operations and increase communication between different units. Among these capabilities are Maritime Command and Control, Friendly Force Tracking, Tactical Data Communication, and Coalition Interoperability.

Systematic also offers products and services for systems integrators to incorporate the powerful functionality of SitaWare into their custom-built command and control applications.

SitaWare and IRIS is used in over 40 countries.

Contact information
Systematic Sweden AB
Östemalmstorg 1 Plan 4
Postcode & town:
114 42 Stockholm
+46 733 518253