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Micropol Fiberoptic receives first order for new expanded beam connector, transferring 40Gbit/s

Micropol Fiberoptic is pleased to announce that the first orders for the recently introduced 40Gbit/s version of the FALCON expanded beam connector has been received from UK customer Mercury Computer Systems.

As far as known, the FALCON is the only expanded beam connector on the market that are approved to transfer 40Gbit/s over one channel.

The increasing demand for fiber optics with more transmission capacity for use in harsh environments are driven by the need for more data to be transferred over longer distances. As an example, coaxial communication has limited ability to transfer e.g. high resolution radar pictures over longer distances. The combination offered by FALCON is powerful – the robustness of the expanded beam technology, transferring large data volumes.

For more information, please contact Micropol Fiberoptic CEO Peter Ljungkvist at or +46 (0)733 393 148.

About Micropol Fiberoptic AB

Micropol Fiberoptic is located outside Halmstad on the Swedish southwest coast and have been in business for more than 30 years. Our name “Micropol” is generated from “micro polishing” which is our mark – we polish fiber at a precision that few can copy. For this reason, our products have lower reflections and losses and can transfer higher data speed, without additional cost.

Our customers are found in a large variety of markets where advanced fiber optic solutions are crucial. Our products are used in a whole range of technologies, from complex fiber optic networks for telecom and data communication, to advanced sensor systems for industrial, medical and military applications. For the Defence & Security market, we offer optical cable systems and different types of expanded beam connectors, both single- and multimode.

More information is available at

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