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Micropol delivers new measuring devices to the Swedish Armed Forces

Logotyp: Micropol
Logotyp: Micropol

Micropol Fiberoptic has a long relation with the Swedish Armed Forces, which dates back to 1988. Since then, Micropol has developed and delivered a number of different fiber optic communication systems for use in hostile environments. One of the latest examples is the FALCON expanded beam technology. FALCON delivers the best optical performance in the world, in combination with being the smallest 12-channel system on the market.

During November, Micropol continues its cooperation with the Swedish Armed Forces by delivering the first of a series of measuring devices, dedicated to fast and reliable field test of fiber optic cables and connectors. The robust, self-instructive device is testing 12 channels in parallel and in real time. Operational capacity is secured for 5 hours active use, with a 10-hour stand-by. The battery is re-charged in only 3 hours and can be charged in e.g. a vehicle.

“We are pleased that the Swedish Armed Forces continuous to deploy Micropol’s expertise” says Patrik Andersson, Director of Defence & Security at Micropol. “The new measuring device are based on the FALCON expanded beam technology and is also compatible with basically any other system on the market. The need for an easy-to-use and yet reliable measuring device is large. We at Micropol will market it globally utilizing our international partners. The device will most likely also find its way into industry areas where harsh environment are common, e.g. the mining and off-shore segments.”

Read more about Micropol’s offering to the Defence & Security segment here

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