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SURVEY Copter, using Carmenta Geospatial Technologies, selected by the French Navy

Logotyp: Carmenta
Logotyp: Carmenta

SURVEY Copter is a subsidiary of the AIRBUS Group and a global pioneer in the design, production and customer operational support of mini UAVs.


The company recently signed a contract with French DGA Armament general directorate to provide the French Navy with 11 systems (22 aircraft) for the electrically powered fixed-wing Aliaca maritime version UAS (officially called SMDM / “Systèmes de Mini Drones aériens embarqués pour la Marine” by French authorities), including training and integrated logistic support. The first deliveries are expected in 2021.

The Aliaca maritime UAS is a high endurance, versatile system allowing up to 3-hour missions over a 50 km (27 Nm) range. It is perfectly adapted to maritime missions with high gyro-stabilized EO/IR payload performances and qualified to operate in severe environmental conditions.

Similarly, the user-friendly ground control station enables the operator to constantly monitor the automatic flight of the UAS while receiving day and night images and AIS (Automatic Identification System) data gathered by its on-board sensors in real time.

The high quality of its mini UAS makes SURVEY Copter one of the few European manufacturers of mini-drones capable of competing with the American and Israeli leaders in the market.
SURVEY Copter selected Carmenta Geospatial Technologies’ geographic information system (GIS) at the end of 2016. Since then it has been used for the ground control station – WeGCS – on all their range of UAS (Aliaca, DVF 2000 ER).

This is great news for SURVEY Copter and shows the high quality of their UAS and customer support! We are grateful for the renewed trust SURVEY Copter places in Carmenta, and we will always strive to apply the best of our technologies and support from our dedicated local team,” says Marie Laboureix, Country Manager for Carmenta France.

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