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Recab further strengthens expertise in Cyber Security through collaboration with Houmb AS

Houmb AS brings broad industrial and academic cybersecurity experience. They handle incidents, build products and integrated systems for the energy, maritime, oil & gas, aviation and telecom industries. Houmb AS have participated in standards-, industry guidelines- and company policy-writing and love to share ideas and best practices.


Houmb will, among other things, strengthen Recab’s competence within:

  • Cybersecurity for critical infrastructure
  • Advanced Persistent Threats (APT)
  • Ethical hacking
  • Risk assessment
  • Security analysis
  • Secure communications
  • Security architecture and design
  • Security trade-off analysis
  • Economical aspects of security
  • Secure systems development
  • Security monitoring and surveillance

Recab brings 25 years of experience from supplying Engineering services, products and embedded technology solutions to customers in the Nordic region and UK. These product deployments are what’s now named Operational Technology (OT). Operational Technology (OT)
OT is used to control physical systems such as those found in manufacturing and factories. It extends to cover Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and the ICS management framework, as well as Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems (SCADA). Historically, for most organizations, OT has been managed internally, making it secure and impervious to external threats.

Industry 4.0 – OT infrastructure – Information Technology (IT) networks

But the advent of Industry 4.0 has seen a convergence of OT infrastructure and Information Technology (IT) networks, which has connected the factory floor to the outside world. When OT and IT collide like this, it opens up new opportunities for technical innovation, business efficiencies and optimized workflows. Machines and devices can be connected throughout the supply chain, leading to smart factories and automated logistics. Data can be captured in the cloud, shared, analyzed and used to optimize industrial systems. But this huge paradigm shift has led to complex new challenges. What was once closed is now open to external forces, and companies must address critical new cyber security threats to their OT systems.

Ransomware attack

Recab itself was hit by a cyber-attack in the autumn of 2019 when the group Addtech AB, which owns Recab, was exposed to a ransomware attack – As many as 80 of 130 of the group’s companies were affected, which meant that almost 1,700 of the group’s 2,900 employees were affected by the attack.

Strengthen the Cyber Security in companies

With the high competence and experience, Recab and Houmb will train, advice and help to strengthen the Cyber Security in companies. The first courses will premiere at the end of February and you can already see a huge interest among our customers.

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