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Knowit develops the Norwegian Customs’ flow of digital goods

Tolletaten, the Norwegian Customs, will modernize the digital flow of goods in and out of the country. Knowit is selected as a cooperation partner in the contractual area for goods and customs handling. The agreement has a total value of up to NOK 270 million over six years.

– During the last decade, we have worked to assist the public sector in Norway with digitization of both systems and processes. Some good examples include NAV, the Norwegian Tax Authority and the Municipality of Oslo. The fact that we have now received the trust from the Norwegian Customs to carry out such an extensive assignment is truly a feather in our cap, says Per Wallentin, CEO and President at Knowit.

In the tender, Knowit received the best quality rating, in tough competition with several other large Norwegian suppliers. Knowit will use several parts of its Norwegian organization in the assignment and in collaboration with Capra Consulting as a subcontractor.

– The Norwegian Customs has been looking for a supplier who can assist them in developing their organization and at the same time has sufficient capacity to solve the task. It is largely about understanding the Norwegian Customs’ social mission, building trust and working together to deliver value, learn and improve based on the experiences we make when we work together, says Bård Singstad, Key Account Manager at Knowit.

Central to the task of modernizing the Norwegian Customs’ technical solutions is being able to handle increased volume and increased demands for efficiency – as well as securing an information flow that means that information of goods handling comes in advance or at the latest at the border crossing. Not afterwards, as it often is today.

– Digitization is at the core of the challenges in the area of managing goods and customs, that the Norwegian Customs is facing. Modern technical solutions must support the Norwegian Customs to deliver in accordance with its social mission. This also includes a central task of further developing the Customs’ development organization and contributing to building effective teams, concludes Singstad.

For more information, please contact:

Bård Singstad, Key Account Manager Knowit, +47 41 421 1829 or

Christina Johansson, Head of Communications, Knowit AB, +46 70 542 1734 or

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