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GKN Aerospace receives order for Swedish future fighter power and propulsion concept studies

GKN Aerospace has received an order from the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV) to develop conceptual studies for advanced power and propulsion systems to support future fighter systems. The agreement runs for two years, from 2024 to 2025, with the potential for a follow-on phase beyond.

The contract covers conceptual studies of power and propulsion systems for the next-generation of combat air capabilities, based on exploring both existing and future technology and performing demonstrations. GKN Aerospace will collaborate closely with the Swedish Armed Forces, FMV, FOI, Saab and other national and international industry partners.
The studies will help create the foundation for future fighter systems and continue the path of innovative Swedish-developed fighter systems.

GKN Aerospace will seek and develop collaboration with partners working with a range of power and propulsion systems and disruptive technologies, which are expected to play an important role for any future air combat capability.

Stefan Oscarsson, Vice President Governmental Solutions at GKN Aerospace, said: “GKN Aerospace is a world-leader in engine systems and a design partner for the world’s most successful commercial engines. We are also the OEM capability for the JAS 39 Gripen C/D RM12 engines worldwide and are continuing to establish the product support capability for the RM16 engine, powering the JAS 39 Gripen E. This contract will enable us to further strengthen our capability and support our customers with necessary data for future combat air capabilities.

Alongside these studies, GKN Aerospace has entered a new cooperation agreement with Saab to strengthen their partnership developing innovative solutions across a range of areas, including next-generation fighter systems.

Stefan Oscarsson added: “We are extremely proud of our role in the Swedish defence ecosystem. GKN Aerospace is currently upgrading the RM12, delivering additional engines for the Gripen aircraft to Hungary and establishing engine product support for the Gripen E. The Gripen will continue to be the backbone of Sweden and several other nations’ air forces for decades to come and we will continue to ensure availability for our customers.”

Trollhättan, in Sweden, is also GKN Aerospace’s centre of excellence for ground-breaking additive fabrication technology, which was recently bolstered by a £50m investment in the capability. The new production capabilities will enable the business to industrialise its additive fabrication solutions, lower environmental impact, and to meet the requirements of future generations of power and propulsion systems.

Editor’s notes

GKN Aerospace is a global multi-technology leader in the aerospace industry, specialising in the development and delivery of cutting-edge aerostructures and engine systems. Our unrivaled products, systems, and services are integral to 90% of today’s commercial and defence aircraft ranging from helicopters, business jets, passenger planes and advanced air mobility vehicles to state-of-the-art fighter aircraft.
Our commitment to innovation and cutting edge technology is evident in the application of lightweight composites, additive fabrication, electrical wiring interconnection systems, and groundbreaking engine systems, reducing both weight and cost in today’s aircraft and engines. GKN Aerospace is at the forefront of sustainable technology, developing breakthrough solutions to achieve emission-free flight. Our global technology centres collaborate with industry partners around the world to accelerate the development of pioneering technologies, including hydrogen-powered propulsion and all-electric flight.

Operating in 12 countries, GKN Aerospace employs a workforce of 16,000 employees across 33 locations. GKN Aerospace has global sales of £3.4bn and is listed under its parent company name Melrose PLC (LSE:MRO).

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