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BAE Systems delivers new CV90 mortar variant to the Swedish Army

BAE Systems has completed the first full rate production delivery of the CV90 Mjölner Mortar System to the Swedish FMV (Defence Materiel Administration), introducing a new capability to the fleet of CV90s by adding indirect firepower.

The first four vehicles will be handed over to the Swedish Army in September following the recent delivery that met schedule, budget and quality requirements. The CV90 Mjölner has now become the 16th variant in the family of combat proven CV90 vehicles, demonstrating the ability of the platform to cost effectively adapt to a large range of mission sets to meet the needs of our customers.

With a name that is derived mythically from “the Hammer of Thor,” the CV90 Mjölner consists of a mounted mortar system for mechanized battalions to increase indirect fire support. Developed and produced by BAE Systems Hägglunds, the turret system can add indirect fire capability to any suitable wheeled or tracked vehicle. A full-scale version of the CV90 Mjölner will be on show at DSEI 2019, with support from Swedish Army personnel.

“Mjölner is a step-change solution on the battlefield – a turret system that is easy to train, simple to use, and highly effective,” said Tommy Gustafsson-Rask, General Manager for BAE Systems Hägglunds. “Having the latest variant of the versatile CV90 on display at DSEI, with the support of our FMV customer, is proof of BAE Systems’ ability to deliver new technology milestones to a demanding program schedule.”

Mjölner’s robust mechanical loading system can rapidly and reliably reload two smoothbore 120mm gun barrels on the vehicle in all combat conditions. Targets can be effectively engaged over a wide range distances through a full 60-degree frontal engagement arch without the complexity and cost of powered turret rotation, and with an effective elevating range of 45 to 83 degrees.

“We are very pleased with the progress of the CV90 program to date, and we are meeting the key milestones for fielding on time, quality and budget,” added Mikael Frisell, Brigadier General/Director Land Systems at the FMV. “This new variant is a powerful addition to our fleet of CV90s and also helps us prepare our brigades for the future by increasing the vehicles’ lifespan in support of Army capabilities.”

The Mjölner program for the delivery of 40 vehicle-mounted mortar systems for the Swedish Army’s CV90s started in December 2016. The first four test vehicles were delivered to the FMV in February 2019 for training and validation; these vehicles are now certified for operational use. Final delivery of the remaining vehicles will be completed during 2020.

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