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Strömsholmen AB

Strömsholmen’s history started in 1876 in Tranås, Sweden, when a blacksmith started making scythes and other mechanical products.
Today we develop, manufacture and market gas springs and gas hydraulic systems for industrial applications and for heavy duty off-road military vehicles under the brand KALLER.

KALLER is today the global leader in Gas Springs and Gas Hydraulic Suspension Systems, with R&D, engineering, manufacturing and marketing inhouse in Tranås.

Our Hydrops are state-of-the-art suspension gas springs for military heavy duty off-road vehicles. The hydrops manage heavy payloads and ensures superior mobility and maximum endurance. Hydrops are highly adaptable to the customers’ needs with world-class engineering and development support.

A typical application is an 8×8 APC or AFV and we work with most of the leading manufacturers of military vehicles.

Contact information
Strömsholmen AB
Verkstadsgatan 16
Postcode & town:
573 41 Tranås