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Hydac AB

HYDAC AB is a family-owned subsidiary of HYDAC International. We manufacture and sell components, systems, and complete solutions for Hydraulic – Filtration – Electronics – Cooling.

We also offer installation, assembly, and service by our technicians. One of our strategies; “Made in Sweden” stands for a close relationship with our customers, where we together in the project phase develop customer-specific and complete solutions and also produce sustainable hydraulic systems in Borås.

We also have solutions for system monitoring through sensors, as well as service and repairs that extend the lifespan of your machines. If you need to review your ecosystem within fluid management, we offer machines for rental through our technical service.

Our goal is to work towards sustainable machine use and optimization of assembly sites with functional safety. We focus on the complete package: whether it’s hydraulics, electricity with batteries for energy storage, or fuel cells with a suitable hydrogen tank for high-powered applications. With extensive knowledge in technology, our experts can provide active support. In everything related to vehicles, machinery, as well as power supply, infrastructure, and product technology.

Today, HYDAC has several customers in the defense industry both in Sweden and internationally.

Contact information
Hydac AB
Domnarsvsgatan 29
Postcode and town:
163 53 Spånga