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Member of SOFF

Geistt AB

GEISTT is on a mission to enhance Human System Effectiveness!
With a scientific approach to knowledge, and a practical way of applying it:

We provide:
• Human-centered Applied Research & Development
• Practical Methods and Tools for Concept and System development and Evaluation
• Consulting Services

So that you can
• Improve Human-System Performance and Safety
• Increase Individual-Team-Organizational Effectiveness
• Improve Market Competitiveness

Based on our scientific expertise and research-based insights of how people think, learn, and interact, our work harmonize the fit of complex socio-technical systems – that is, the fit between people, technology, and organizational-societal factors.

Our expertise and solutions bridge the gap between state-of-the-science and state-of-the-practice to the benefit of our clients by improving human-system performance and safety, individual-team-organizational effectiveness, and market competitiveness.

GEISTT’s human-centered methods and tools take a deep stance in an applied, multi-disciplinary, and research-oriented approach based on our scientific expertise concerning human capabilities, advanced technology, and complex organizations, often facilitated by the use of resource-effective simulation, to stimulate your concept or system development.

Contact information
Geistt AB
Landsvägen 50 A 3 Tr
Postcode & town:
172 63 Sundbyberg