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Member of SOFF
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Fortify Security Sverige AB

The world is changing!
The rapid digitalization, new threats, and other instrumental developments are constantly bringing new challenges.

Fortify Security works to ensure that both governmental entities, as well as segments of the private sector fulfil the national security- and legal requirements, to comply with the Swedish Protective Security Act (säkerhetsskyddslagen).

Protective security means the protection of security sensitive activities against espionage, sabotage, terrorist offences and other crimes that could threaten Swedish national security, and the protection of classified information under all circumstances.

Protective security also encompasses activities covered by general and specific agreements by the Government of the Kingdom of Sweden and others.

Fortify Security is your partner in Protective Security and Swedish national security.

Contact information
Fortify Security Sverige AB
Sankt Eriksgatan 63b
Postcode & town:
112 34 Stockholm