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Prime Design Sweden AB

Prime Design Sweden AB is a Swedish innovative technology company specializing in portable area lighting and energy storage.

Our Journey

In 2016, we introduced our first product, Baselight 420x, a portable lighting mast that, thanks to its unique patented construction, successfully combined a high luminous flux with a design crafted for the most rugged use cases. Its lightweight, starting at 33 kg, has made Baselight a much-appreciated product across various sectors.

Unique Features of Baselight

  • 33-47 kg
  • IP65 – anodiserat aluminium chassi
  • 45 000 – 95 000 lumen (lighting varying from tennis courts to football fields)
  • Extended height: 4.4 meters (folded 1.2m)

Application Areas

Today, Baselight is not just a product; it is a solution. A solution that is used in a variety of application areas:

  • Construction & Infrastructure
  • Railways
  • Police
  • Fire Brigade
  • Emergency Services
  • Military
  • Sports and Events

Global Reach

Baselight has been sold to over 35 countries, and our product portfolio is continually expanding. We primarily work with distributors and resellers in various countries today.

Complementary Products

Among our complementary products are our portable lithium batteries and our solar panel solution, which provide users the ability to establish light where there is no access to electricity. Our lithium battery, Primepower 2kWh, weighs 17 kg and is rated IP66. Together with Baselight, one can work a full night shift without access to electricity.

Where We Are

We are headquartered in Kista in Stockholm. All our production takes place in our own factory in Viborg, Denmark, giving us full control over the quality of our products.

Om Prime Design Sweden AB
Instruktionsfilm hur man använder en manuell Baselight (320X,420X,600X)
Instruktionsfilm hur man använder en automatisk Baselight (600MX, 420MX, 600MX-Rail, 600MIL)
Länk till Baselight 220x
Network Rail
Malaysia Fire and Rescue
Contact information
Prime Design Sweden AB
Finlandsgatan 48
Postcode & town:
164 74 Kista
Johan Kling
+46 (0)70 557 70 95