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Keep the company AB

Keep safe system – innovative security solution för exposed environments

Keep the Company AB offers unique window and door solutions that enhance the security of facades and entrances.

“With technology inspired by the automotive industry’s innovative use of crash absorption, we have created the Keep Safe System.

The Keep Safe System is a comprehensive protection system that, with its groundbreaking damping technology, provides effective protection against explosions, blasts, fire, firearms attacks, terrorist attacks, and various types of intrusion attempts. Our patented and certified system boasts an unapparelled performance and is setting the standard as one of the most secure solutions available in the current market.”

We combine aesthetics with functionality to meet the highest demands of both protection and design.

Our turn-key solutions do not only contribute to increased safety, they also help to create safer environments for people to live and work in.

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Keep the company AB
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943 31 Öjebyn