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Confidee AB

All your products have one important commodity in common. It’s a small component, yet it plays THE crucial role in enabling the functionality of your final product. It is THE Printed Circuit Board – the heart of all electronics.

Confidee, is a PCB partner, specializing in the defense & aerospace industry with comprehensive competence in Cyber Security. We are an approved partner to most Tier 1 Defense Product owners in the Nordics. Our average PCB experience is over 20 years per colleague.

We are compliant with the demands and restrictions in the defense & aerospace industry, and we are experienced with US FAR, DFARS, ITAR, & CMMC, German BAFA regulation, Swedish ISP etc. Our CIO was the first and perhaps still the only CMMC RP in Europe.

We provide compliant PCBs by monitoring and reporting on our partners’ supply chain. CONFIDEE was the first and only PCB partner in Europe to achieve the AS9120 Defense & Aerospace certification.

EASA Part 21G is another certification we have received, further enhancing our standing in the aviation industry. Products in the defense & aerospace industry are always subject to export control regulations and this type of data is subject to unwanted attention from foreign states

Our focus on Compliance and Cyber Security is to protect your supply chain.

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Confidee AB
Persborgsvägen 19
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818 43 Forsbacka