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Canary Bit AB

CanaryBit is a cybersecurity company that protects digital infrastructure and sensitive data from AI algorithms.
We are a leading European solution provider of privacy-enhancing technologies and secure AI solutions to protect enterprise data throughout its entire lifecycle.

Our solutions enable end-to-end data protection (at rest, in transit, in use) and provide infrastructure security mechanisms to evaluate the security levels and trustworthiness of the data processing environments. Our products create powerful building blocks to establish reliable and verifiable digital trust between different partners and stakeholders.

We actively work with customers in the Automotive, Aerospace & Defence industries. In addition, we focus on mission-critical domains such as Energy, Finance, Healthcare and Robotics in our several European and Swedish research projects.

The company was founded in 2020 by Nicolae Paladi (Cloud Security expert) and Stefano Cucchiella (Cloud Solutions Architect) who combined their skills to offer the market a new set of products and solutions that would drastically change the paradigm of data protection and data security. CanaryBit was founded with the core value to be and remain 100% European, from the investors to the employees.

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Canary Bit AB
Åkervägen 46A
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191 40 Sollentuna