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4C Group AB (4C Strategies)

”4C Strategies is one of the world’s leading experts in integrated risk and incident management solutions. The company was founded in 2000, and has approx. 140 employees in Stockholm, Malmö, London, Warminster and Washington D.C. We provide our clients with 4C’s proven expertise and Exonaut module suite, to achieve their objectives. We are committed to leveraging our experience and technology to navigate uncertainty and make the world safer for people and organisations.”


Företagsnamn:4C Group AB (4C Strategies)
Adress:Box 7637
Postnummer & Ort:103 94 Stockolm
Telefon:+46 (0) 8-522 27 900
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AFRY (ÅF Pöyry AB)

Since the 1950s, we regard the ability to identify and communicate trends, new ideas and new concepts at home and abroad as an integral and natural aspect of our work as defence consultants. We help to transform the visions of clients in the defence sector into concrete proposals and recommendations which they can present to the manufacturers and producers with whom they work. The Swedish Armed Forces call upon our services as an independent consultant to analyse a variety of problems, assist with procurement and evaluate proposed solutions. Projects vary from broad-based and sometimes theoretical analyses to detailed specifications of requirements, technical calculations, security analyses, network planning, installations planning, project management, testing and functional verification, training and documentation.


Företagsnamn:AFRY (ÅF Pöyry AB)
Postnummer & Ort:169 99 Stockholm
Besöksadress:Frösundaleden 2 A
Telefon:+46 10 505 00 00

ÅF medverkar i SOFF:s tidning "Svensk förmåga i en osäker omvärld", April 2018:ÅF strategisk partner till FMV
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BAE Systems Hägglunds AB

BAE Systems is a global defence and security company with approximately 88,200 employees worldwide. The Company delivers a full range of products and services for air, land and naval forces, as well as advanced electronics, security, information technology solutions and support services. BAE Systems Hägglunds focuses on the design, manufacturing, integration and support of a wide range of military vehicles to customers worldwide. Our primary products are medium weight combat vehicle family, armoured all-terrain vehicle family, logistical support and services and hybrid electric drive systems for the civilian market. Our core values are Trusted, Innovative and Bold.


Företagsnamn:BAE Systems Hägglunds AB
Adress:Björnavägen 41
Postnummer & Ort:891 82 Örnsköldsvik
Telefon:+46 660 80 000

BAE Systems Hägglunds medverkar i SOFF:s tidning "Svensk förmåga i en osäker omvärld", April 2018:Faster. Stronger. Higher Performance. - Technologies in support of a safer future
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Carmenta Geospatial Technologies AB

With 30+ years of mission-critical experience and a strong global customer base, we make it possible to rapidly create and deploy state-of-the-art 2D/3D geospatial applications, with powerful developer tools and support systems. The Carmenta Software Development Kits provide a range of components that enable you to visualise, analyse and manage real-time sensor data. Combined with various digital maps and all your geo-referenced information, a reliable and efficient operational picture will be established.

For more information please visit


Företagsnamn:Carmenta Geospatial Technologies AB
Adress:Box 11354
Postnummer & Ort:404 28 Göteborg
Telefon:+46 31 775 57 00

Läs mer om Carmenta Geospatial Technologies nyheter på SOFF.Se nyheterna här.

Carmenta Geospatial Technologies medverkar i SOFF:s tidning "Svensk Förmåga i en osäker omvärld", April 2018:Carmenta kombinerar den senaste tekniken med 3D-data
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Combitech AB

Combitech is one of the Nordic region’s largest technology consulting firms, with more than 1,400 employees in Sweden, Norway and Finland. We combine technical expertise with in-depth industry knowledge, all-round capability and a particular focus on the environment and security. This results in customised, sustainable solutions for demanding clients who are active both in the Nordic region and internationally. Our clients mainly operate in the industrial and defence sectors and in the public sector. Combitech has developed from this high-tech, globally competitive and demanding environment into a company that is at the forefront of developing advanced products, organisations, security and systems.


Företagsnamn:Combitech AB
Postnummer & Ort:351 80 Växjö
Telefon:+46 470 420 10

Combitech medverkar i SOFF:s tidning "Svensk förmåga i en osäker omvärld", April 2018:Combitech - en säker partner
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Comrod Mission Systems (f.d Front End Strategy AB)

Comrod Mission Systems (f.d Front End Strategy) is a Management and IT consultancy company focused on:
Making the core business and IT for companies and organisations more efficient, by delivering specialized services in early phases of the system life cycle

Our primary services are:

  • Business Process Development/Enterprise Architecture (EA)
  • Requirements Engineering, Systems Design and Procurement Support
  • Project Management of EA and IT projects
  • Development of IT systems as well as Embedded IT systems

Our customers are located all over the world.

Tommy Nordqvist, Ph D Systems Engineering
Comrod Mission Systems
Part of Comrod Group
S:t Larsgatan 3
582 24 Linköping
Phone: +46705324528


Företagsnamn:Comrod Mission Systems AB
Adress:S:t Larsgatan 3
Postnummer och Ort:582 24 Linköping
Telefonnummer:+46 70-532 45 28
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Expando AB

Expando is an independent Swedish company supplying advanced technical solutions for naval, avionics and space applications. We provide the Nordic defense industry with COTS and bespoke solutions.

Expando provides Rugged servers, mission computers, advanced defense, electronics and flight safety critical solutions. We strive to provide world-class products and work with suppliers that meet the same high standards that we set for ourselves. We recognize the value of working closely with our customers to provide extensive service and support.


Företagsnamn:Expando AB
Adress:Svärdvägen 25 A
Postnummer och Ort:182 33 Danderyd

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Expisoft AB

With great expertise in information security Expisoft helps governments and organisations to protect their information from unauthorized access. To overcome the challenges in securing communication, networks and information Expisoft offers standardized as well as customized solutions meeting the requirements of Swedish and European IT security standards for electronic ID cards, PKI, CA and VPN area. Secure Office is a security system specially developed and design for customers with high security demands and need of centralized security management for their employees.


Företagsnamn:Expisoft AB
Postnummer & Ort:SE- 183 62 Täby, Sweden
Besöksadress:Propellervägen 12, Täby (Stockholm)
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Knowit AB

Konsultverksamhet samt produkt- och komponentutveckling inom försvarsbranschen.


Företagsnamn:Knowit Dataunit AB
Adress:Box 1087
Postnummer och Ort:101 39 Stockholm
Telefonnummer:+46 (0)8 7 00 66 00
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ILogPoint is committed to creating the best SIEM in the world. We enable organizations to convert data into actionable intelligence: supporting cybersecurity, compliance, IT operations, and business analytics.


Adress:c/o 7A Centralen
Postnummer och ort:111 20 Stockholm
Telefonnummer:+46 70 – 899 65 54
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Maxar International Sweden AB

Maxar is a trusted partner and innovator in Earth Intelligence and Space Infrastructure. We deliver disruptive value to government and commercial customers to help them monitor, understand and navigate our changing planet; deliver global broadband communications; and explore and advance the use of space.

Maxar is building the Globe in 3D, pairing our massive satellite imagery archive with legacy Vricon 3D technology to provide our customers with the most accurate representation of Earth for mission planning, point mensuration, navigation, simulation, training and other complex environments. Maxar 3D products are sensor agnostic, have 50 cm resolution and maintain an absolute accuracy of 3 m in all dimensions.

Our unique approach combines decades of deep mission understanding and a proven foundation of commercial technology to deliver solutions with unrivaled speed, scale and cost-effectiveness. Our team members are inspired to harness the potential of space to help our customers create a better world.


Företagsnamn:Maxar International Sweden AB
Adress:Ebbegatan 13
Postnummer och Ort:582 13 Linköping
Telefonnummer:+46 13 18 54 43
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MilDef Group AB

From compact computers and power products, to switches and intelligent displays, MilDef provides a complete product portfolio for rugged IT. With the ability to heavily customize products and to deliver complete functional systems, we aim to be your first choice for rugged electronics.

MilDef’s products are proven on land, at sea and in the air with international forces around the world, in extremely demanding environments.

Our customers range from military end users and defense material administrations, to integrators, system houses, and other defense companies.


Företagsnamn:MilDef AB
Adress:Muskötgatan 6
Postnummer & Ort:254 66 Helsingborg
Kontaktperson:Evelina Hedskog
Telefon:+46 42 250000
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Miraya AB

Miraya AB is specialized in extracting, merging, visualizing and analyzing our customers data in order to help them gain new knowledge and to focus their improvement work in the right areas.
Our primary areas of expertise are reconstruction of events used for exercise evaluation and analysis in the area of test and Validation.
We work with agile metods leading to easy adaptation to new demands and new customers.


Företagsnamn:Miraya AB
Adress:Linnegatan 44
Postnummer & Ort:114 47 Stockholm
Kontaktperson:Henrik Kriisa
Telefon:+46 (0)8-10 00 90

Kriisa medverkar i SOFF:s tidning "Svensk förmåga i en osäker omvärld", April 2018:Kriisa omvandlar data till kunskap!
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MW Group AB

MW Group is a modern Nordic defense and security service provider. MW Group provides reliable, secure, and flexible service solutions tailored to our clients’ needs within the defense, security, and critical societal industry.

For more information see


Företagsnamn:MW Group AB
Adress:Grev Turegatan 19
Postnummer & Ort:114 38 Stockholm
Kontaktperson:Mikael Karlsson
Telefon:+46 (0)8 408 057 40
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Saab AB

Saab offers world-leading solutions, products and services for military defenceand security. New technology is continuously developed, adapted and improved to meet customers’ changing needs in over 100 countries. The most important markets are Europe, Asia and North America. Saab has about 14,000 employees and annual sales in 2012 were approximately SEK 24 billion,of which around 25 per cent was related to research and development.


Företagsnamn:Saab AB
Adress:Box 12062
Postnummer & Ort:102 22 Stockholm
Telefon:+46 8 463 00 00
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SRS Group AB

Scandinavian Risk Solutions (SRS) is a value creating Risk Management company. We provide governments, companies and organisations world-wide with specialised security and risk management services including dynamic intelligence solutions. SRS has extensive operational experience from assignments in Scandinavia, Africa, Middle East and Latin America. Our key services are Investigations and Analysis, Health, Safety and Security Solutions, Training and Critical Incident Response.


Företagsnamn:SRS Group AB
Adress:Box 244
Postnummer & Ort:101 24 Stockholm
Telefon:+ 46 8 440 90 70
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Svekon – Svensk Konstruktionstjänst AB

Svekon (Svensk Konstruktionstjänst) is a complete engineering company focused on supplying advanced technical services and system deliveries.

Svekon has worked for more than 30 years with advanced technical services and turnkey deliveries of products and systems for Defence industries, FMV and the Swedish Armed Forces. These services and deliveries includes all the steps from concept to finished solution and delivery of the completed product and system.

Our projects for FMV and the Swedish Armed Forces have included delivery of integration and modification kits for refitting vehicles and systems as well as project management and technical support. These projects often includes technical investigations, pre studies, design, manufacturing of prototypes, serial production and publications for maintenance and use (ILS), as well as system safety analyses.

Svekon can support all singular elements of a project intended for introduction within the armed forces. With our skills and experience we can take full responsibility for a project or task.



Företagsnamn:Svekon - Svensk Konstruktionstjänst AB
Adress:Täbyvägen 77
Postnummer & Ort:187 46 Täby
Telefon:+46 (0)8 120 88 600
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Sylog Sverige AB

Sylog’s customers are world leaders in telecom, automotive, defense, medtech, finance, the media and the gaming industry. Sylog is a fast growing Swedish consultancy company located in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Linköping. The company provide specialist and engineering services to some of the largest and most innovative companies in Sweden supporting development of anything from platform-independent payment solutions to smart network solutions enabling future IoT applications.


Företagsnamn:Sylog Sverige AB
Adress:Box 1186
Postnummer och Ort:164 26 Kista
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Systematic Sweden AB

Systematic is a world leading company providing C4I For All Levels Of Command
The SitaWare and IRIS suite of C4I software provides all essential Command & Control and Battle Management capabilities right out of the box, including the all-important interoperability capabilities that allow nations to exchange battlespace information with coalition partners.

SitaWare has a wide range of capabilities that supports operations and increase communication between different units. Among these capabilities are Maritime Command and Control, Friendly Force Tracking, Tactical Data Communication, and Coalition Interoperability.

Systematic also offers products and services for systems integrators to incorporate the powerful functionality of SitaWare into their custom-built command and control applications.

SitaWare and IRIS is used in over 40 countries.


Företagsnamn:Systematic Sweden AB
Adress:Östemalmstorg 1 Plan 4
Postnummer och Ort:114 42 Stockholm
Telefonnummer:+46 733 518253
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Tutus Data AB

Tutus is a privately-held Swedish company that was founded in 1992. Ever since, the company has been developing top quality network encryption solutions for use in military, government and corporate IT applications that demand the highest levels of secure communication. As an independent company, we cooperate with industries and governmental agencies in order to provide reliable, high-assurance and cost-effective crypto solutions to meet their security needs.

All of our products are approved at the RESTRICTED / RESTREINT classification level on the EU and national levels. Tutus is the main supplier of government approved and certified IT-security products in Sweden, and is making steady progress towards its goal of becoming a leading provider of approved IT security products within the EU.


Företagsnamn:Tutus Data
Adress:Svärdvägen 11
Postnummer och Ort:182 33 Danderyd
Telefonnummer:08-551 102 30
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Týr Cyber Defense AB

Týr Cyber Defense is a small, privately-held, distributed Swedish company that focus on Protective Security (Säkerhetsskydd) and Cyber Security whithin the realm of National Security. We provide tailored services, advisory and training in the fields of engineering, architecture, threat assessment and strategic advisory as well as head hunting for select customers.”


Företagsnamn:Týr Cyber Defense AB
Adress:Gjörwellsgatan 30
Postnummer och Ort:112 60 Stockholm
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